Winter Fun -The Leather Skirt

  I love the idea of “reinventing” my style in the winter- New Year, New Look! February is such a blah month that it seems like a great idea to shake things up!
I am really into the look of this leather skirt and sweatshirt combo! With tights and ankle boots (and a warm coat), this is the perfect look in which to stride into 2015!
Leather Skirt Look
Leather Skirt- Andrew Lippes
Sweatshirt- Stella McCartney
Boots- Ash Ginger
Bag- Mackage
For more amazing leather and faux leather options, click below!
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Books I Read- November/ December 2014

After a horrendous first trimester of my pregnancy (when I basically existed with my head under a pillow), I have finally got back to reading in a big way- I have been devouring books at a crazy rate! I have read so many books that I am not including them all here because that would be boring. This post is dedicated only to the books that I have really enjoyed and would recommend to you, my darling readers!

Any recommendations for books that I have to read???


Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope


It Started with Paris by Cathy Kelly


Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


Meadowlands by Elizabeth Jeffrey (via Net Galley- available April 1st)


Searching for Grace Kelley by Michael Callahan  (via Net Galley- Available January 27th)


Scandals of Classic Hollywood by Anne Helen Petersen


The Surrogate by Tania Carver  


The Weight of Water by Laura McHugh

My Top Five Looks from the Golden Globes

There was too much bronzer and too many boney sternums at the Golden Globes last night and the dresses didn’t really wow me that much: I was a bit disappointed. However there was sufficient dress porn for a top five favourites of the night!

Agree? Disagree? Hit the comments!


Emily Blunt in Michael Kors


Viola Davis in Donna Karen

Naomi Watts in Gucci
Julianne Moore in Givenchy
Emma Stone in Lanvin
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Moon and Stars nursery for the twins

I finally picked out the decor for the twins nursery! I decided on this amazing Dwell Studio Galaxy bedding and then discovered this hand made mobile that worked perfectly with it! I have based the rest of the light grey and white nursery around the moon and stars theme and I love the soft neutrality of the look! Now to actually get the nursery together and organized!!! The husband has to help with that part!!
What do you think of my nursery for my little peanuts??
Moon and Stars Nursery

 Crib Bedding- Dwell Studio/ Change Pad Cover- Dwell Studio/ Pillow- Dwell Studio/ Crib Sheet- Circo via Target/ Rocking Chair Cushion-  Baby Bedding / Diaper Caddy- b. box for The Honest Company/ Mobile-  via Merrily Merrily/ Poster-  Brie Graphic via Etsy/ Swaddles- Aiden & Anais for The Honest Company

The Diaper Bag Dilemma

So we are having twins and I decided that I “need” a new diaper bag for all the extra stuff I will have to carry around. Need might be a bit strong but hey-  I am hauling around 2 babies inside of me and I deserve a treat!!!  I decided to start the search and OMG- the selection seems to have grown exponentially in the four years since Wee Man was born! I finally decided on this one and picked it up at an outlet mall when we were in Hawaii, but here are some other amazing options if you are in the market!!! As always, I tried to come up with a wide range of styles and price points to suit any mum-to-be’s personal style!

Diaper Bag Dilemma!

What are you wearing New Years Eve??

Being pregnant and lazy, this New Years Eve I will be wearing sweatpants playing Cards Against Humanity with a small group of good friends so I decided to live vivariously through Polyvore and put together a NYE look that screams chic, champagne and fun!

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years eve and have a cocktail (or three) for me!!!

What Are You Wearing New Years Eve?
Dress: Zimmerman
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Earrings: Adornia

Pregnancy life saviours


This is my second pregnancy and while it has proven to be MUCH different from my first pregnancy (apparently twins = HORRIBLE morning sickness, at least for me!) there are a few things that have been such lifesavers during both pregnancies!!!


Prenatal Vitamins that don’t make you want to hurl- I am currently taking the Honest Company Prenatals and they work for me. I take them in the evening before bed so that they won’t make me feel sick at work.


Water Bottle

A huge water bottle- Having one by your bed and on your desk is a must. I drink literally litres of water every day. It is a physical need- I have to do it and it is not a choice.


Maternity Underwear

Maternity Underwear- I love these so much I could write them a love poem. Low cut in the front and bum covering. So comfy. I love the ones from Motherhood Maternity

Body Pillow

A Body Pillow- My husband is envious of the attention my Snoogle gets. It is the one thing that makes sleeping in the last trimester and half bearable.



One great book- Some books are terrifying, some are silly and some just make you angry. It’s best to stick to one great and practical pregnancy handbook and not to rely on Dr. Google too much (I am as guilty of this as the next person, I admit) For this pregnancy, my bible is “Mothering Multiples” but during my first pregnancy, I loved “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books“. For your partner, I HIGHLY recommend “The Birth Partner“!


Jbrand maternity pants

A fantastic pair of maternity pants- this time I splurged on a pair of black JBrands as my “good maternity pants”. They are pricey yes, but they work for the office, the weekend, going out etc so they are so versatile that they are worth it. A nice alternative to my more casual (and less expensive) maternity jeans from Old Navy and H+M.

Ladies who have been there, what was your pregnancy must?


Book Review- “The Woman who Stole My Life” by Marian Keyes

The Women who stole my life by Marian Keyes

Back in the early aughts, at the beginning of the Bridget Jones inspired “Chick Lit” era, I discovered Irish novelist Marian Keyes and a decade long love affair began. Keyes books are geared to females, yes, but her sharp humour, slapstick comedy and moving emotional situations truly set her apart from her contemporaries. Over the last 15 years, her novels have explored death, addiction, marital strife, poverty, mental illness and many other topics that her readers can relate to.
I could not have been more thrilled when I was approached to review her new novel “The Woman who Stole my Life” (on sale now) on the blog. I may have jumped up and down, but I will neither confirm nor deny. In my house, life stops when Marian has a new book! This time I fully played the pregnancy card to stay in bed and read all weekend!
Stella Sweeney is an average wife and mother- working, raising two teenagers and supporting her husband in his career endeavors. One day, tragedy strikes and her entire family is affected by terrifying event. Suddenly, Stella’s life is totally different and her world falls apart even as she experiences success on a scale she never imagined.
It is hard to give you a summary of the book without giving too much away, but the crux is that things in life over which you have no control can change everything in an instant and what that can mean to those around you.
I will be honest- this is not my favourite novel by Keyes. It was kind of downer and was pretty dark without as much of her usual humour to offset the hard subject matter.  In most of her novels, there are characters that you are meant to think of as the villain of the piece, and this novel did have that individual (no spoilers)  but many characters in this book were completely unsympathetic and some (like Stella’s teenage son, Jeffery) are downright unlikable. Ugh… he was so terrible.
Although I had many issues with the book, it was engrossing. Keyes has an almost uncanny ability to really bring you inside the mind and heart of her protagonists and the reader begins to feel like they actually know the character. Stella is an honest and flawed character and I found myself rooting for her throughout the story.
Marian Keyes is very active and hilarious on Twitter- I urge you to follow her! Also, follow Penguin  Canada for information about upcoming releases!
*** While I was provided this book for review purposes, all opinions are my own.