My Minimalist Wardrobe

Over the last few months, especially with the end of season sales, I have been making some very selective shopping choices as a start of a capsule, minimalist wardrobe. I am trying to buy pieces consciously when I find the perfect thing that i have been looking for.
 Here are a few of the items that I have picked up.
My Minimalist Wardrobe
Bag- Sancia  I found this amazing bag at a store in Toronto called Convey which stocks mostly Australian designers. I STALKED this bag and snapped it up on Boxing Dale for a great discount. It is the perfect soft leather tote and the brass accents are so lovely.
Top-Simons The Canadian dollar being as bad as it is, when I shop online at the moment I am sticking to Canadian sites. Simons, a Quebec department store (soon to open in Ontario!) has so many inexpensive and cute tops that fit perfectly with my aesthetic.
Necklace- Jenny Bird x Indigo I picked up this AMAZING necklace as a Christmas gift to myself! I can basically wear this with any outfit I own and it looks fantastic.
Boots- Dune London I picked up these boots at The Bay in the fall and I wear them almost every day. They are the perfect back ankle boot and they work with leggings, tights, jeans… basically all the things that I live in on the daily!
Jeans- Old Navy I picked these up this week when I saw them in an email blast. The raw hem denim look is hot for Spring and these are a great way to be on trend without breaking the bank.

Twin Essentials- 10 Months

I cannot even begin to understand how the twins are almost A YEAR OLD! They are changing so quickly these days and their mama is having some trouble accepting that they are no longer infants. They are crawling, standing, clapping, waving, eating tons of food and generally charming everyone they meet with their infectious and adorable laughs.
Here are a few of the things that are faves in our house at the moment!


Twin Essentials- 10 Months


Baby Bullet Food System– My mother-in-law gave this to me for Christmas and it has made making my own baby food so much easier and even enjoyable! The equipment is easy to clean and the storage containers are super useful!
Pride & Prejudice: A Babylit Counting Primber– I adore Jane Austen and this is one of my favorite books to read to the twins!
7AM Enfant Bunting Bag– Cozy warm bags for the stroller. These keep the twins super warm and cozy and are so much easier than getting them into snow suits ever time we leave the house.
Friendly Toys Little Playzone– Every twin parent will tell you that containment is key. We picked up this play yard and some extra panels to make it larger and it is a fun and safe play space for the littles.
Skip Hop Playspot Foam Playmat– the perfect base for the “baby pen”!
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fishbowl Fill and Spill Soft Baby Toy– This was the twins’ big brothers toy first and they love it just as much as he did!
MimiTENS Mittens–  These mittens are designed in Toronto and are the BEST MITTS for little kids. They DO NOT come off and are warm. They are expensive but worth it in the long run as they won’t get lost!

Pantone Colours of the Year 2016- Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone decided to mix it up this year when choosing their colour of the year. First of all, they chose TWO colours.. Secondly, these two colours, a soft pink and a soft blue that look pretty amazing together, are very different then the extremely bold and sometimes odd (marsala?) colours of recent years.
Here are some fab finds in these two fresh shades!
Pantone Colours of the Year 2016- Rose Quartz and Serenity


Earrings: Ice  /Lipstick: Cover Girl /Bracelet: Alex + Ani/Dress: Chicwich/Clutch: Rebecca Minkhoff/ Coat: Vince /Nail Polish: Deborah Lippman/Sweater: N.Peal /Jeans: H&M

Bookworm Monday- What I Read

I am back to reading in a big way! Now that the babies go to bed at a reasonable time I can curl up with a good book and a glass of wine in the evening!
Here are some of the books that have made an impression on me the last few months!
Dumplin by Julie Murphy
Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy– This YA book is blowing up all over the place due to its fun fabulous and curvy heroine. I loved this book.
Come Away With Me by Karma Brown
Come Away With Me by Karma Brown -OMG. This book broke my heart into a million pieces. A devastating read. You will need a box of tissues. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
The Girl with No Past by Kathryn Croft
The Girl with No Past by Kathryn Croft (via Netgalley)– Yet another book in the “unreliable narrator” genre made popular by Gone Girl. A good read.
The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Jule Klassen
The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen (via NetGalley)– This book is nominated for Best Romance of the Year 2015 by Goodreads but it is really a suspenseful historical novel at its best. I have since read many of Ms. Klassen’s other books and while they have a slightly religious bent that I don’t always get, I have enjoyed them all.
Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham– I LOVED the Veronica Mars TV show and movie and I have gobbled up the two novels that follow the events of the film… waiting for more adventures with Veronica and her Neptune Scooby gang!
Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling – Mindy’s second book is as laugh out loud funny as her first and actually pretty inspiring. A perfect beach read!
Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella – I have been reading this series for about 15 years and as silly and frivolous as Becky’s exploits are, I still look forward to and read each new book in the series.
One Plus One by Jojo Moyes – No one does romance and heart shattering drama like Jojo. I loved this book so much. Another one to read with a box of tissue!
Hit the comments and let me know what I should read next?

PonchiesForKids Giveaway!

I was recently invited to a preview of the Etsy Marketplace in Toronto and I got to see so many amazing products and meet the creative forces behind them.

One of these super cool individuals was Tiffany, the creator of PonchiesForKids. Ponchies are the most adorable micro fleece ponchos for babies and kids. All locally and hand made, Ponchies are the perfect topper for the cooler weather and her adorable styles will impress even the pickiest toddler.unnamed-1

unnamed-2 unnamed


I asked Tiffany to answer five questions to tell us more about her and her brand!

1.) What was your inspiration to start Ponchies?
My inspiration to start Ponchies began after I designed and made some women’s wool/cashmere ponchos that I was selling under my custom clothing brand called U:her Fashions. But it was when my friends and family started to grow their families that I thought a poncho would be a practical, fun and long lasting garment for babies and kids too. I brought these new baby ponchos to baby showers, everyone loved them and wanted to place their order! So, that is when I decided to create my new children’s brand called PonchiesForKids.
2.) What were you doing before? Is this a full time gig now?
As mentioned above, before Ponchies I had started my own custom clothing brand called U:her Fashions in 2010. Designing everything from women’s party dresses, to bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns to swimwear and professional work attire for both women & men. Prior to starting my own business, I had studied Fashion Design and began working in the fashion industry starting out as a gymastic/skating costume designer for international athletes. I then became a sock designer and then a production manager of a high end designer belt company. Ponchies and my custom clothing line U:her Fashions are finally becoming closer to being my full-time gigs.
3.) What is your favourite thing about being an entrepreneur and building your brand?
My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is all of the limitless creativity I can project! I can create/design/make anything I want and when something starts out as a sketch and then becomes a piece of clothing, it is more than exciting to see it come to life. Especially when you see your client wearing your creation and smiling bright.
Creativity also flows within the many hats worn as an entrepreneur and ideas are endless (well that is what it seems to feel like for me). Being an entrepreneur is also an incredibly challenging path for self and for business, but reaps so many rewards.
4.) What was your favourite item of clothing when you were a child?
Honestly, I was such a tomboy as a child (I hated wearing dresses) but I LOVED wearing anything super colourful and pattern (it was the 80’s and the 90’s lol). I remember loving this multicoloured tie dye one piece bathing suit with cut outs at the sides and the front. It was my favorite and I was a summer beach kid (I still am). I also loved these bright orange denim shorts (oh geez, please don’t ask me why haha).
5.) You have the most adorable super hero ponchos. Who is your favourite superhero?
Thank you! Well actually, I never really had a favourite superhero but I can’t help but love Yoda and Superwoman. I would also consider The Minions my modern superheros. I love them! I need to make a Minion Ponchie!


PonchiesForKids has generously offered a poncho for one lucky reader (Canada only). Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
** All photo by @sharlapikephotography

Parenting Conundrum- Infant Sleep


IMG_5931My greatest fear when I found out that I was expecting twins was that I was never going to sleep again. Thinking about it kept me up at night (the irony) worrying as I got further along in my pregnancy.  I shared my fears with my husband and consulted with the wise veteran twin parents of TPOMBA (Toronto Parents of Multiples Association) and decided to go for broke and hire a night nurse for the first few months. This was the BEST money ever spent! It was a small fortune (much of it was paid for by my mother-in-law, bless her) but it saved my sanity. Five (yes FIVE) nights a week for the first several months, the saintly Angelina of Precious Moments Babeez arrived at our door at 10PM to take care of Peanut and Meatball until 6AM. I pumped milk for their overnight feeds so I was able to get 8 straight hours of sleep….. it was BLISS after an entire day taking care of two newborns, one of which was a little *ahem* more spirited than the other. When our luxurious time with Angelina was up, I felt like crying. I dreaded the no sleep and for a while it was pretty grim.

Angelina had them on a pretty great routine overnight with bottles but as soon as I reintroduced breastfeeding at night, the wheels kind of fell off. I was up four plus times a night and the babies were miserable and I was an exhausted teary mess. I joked that their theme song was “Killing me Softly” because that is what I felt like the cuddly little monsters were trying to do to me. Finally I decided that I was ready to…..duh duh duh….. sleep train.

Oh…. sleep training…. the minefield of sleep training. The subject that is the third most likely to start a war on parenting message boards (the first two being breast vs bottle and vaccines). I had known from the start that I would sleep train and that the method I was going to use would involve some crying. I did so much research that I got a bit turned around and I wasn’t sure where to start. I went back to the trusted TPOMBA parents and asked for suggestions for consultants that could help me figure out a plan that would work for me, my husband, the twins and our big boy too…. all the crying at night was disturbing his sleep too!

There are many great options for sleep consultants in Toronto  but I settled on Maxine Sass of Maxine’s Multiple Birth Care. She had almost two decades of work with twins and triplets and this made her my top choice. She sent me a questionnaire to get a sense of what we needed as a family and of what we were comfortable doing to achieve our goal of a good nights sleep for all. After she had a chance to review  it, she and I had a call to go over everything and once we were sure we were on the same page, she created a sleep training plan for the monsters.

Here are the five things I learned from this experience.

1.) Naps are KEY. Get your kids on a great nap schedule and night sleep is way better. It’s all about awake windows and making sure that the littles don’t get over-tired. There is a science to it and I am a TOTAL convert.

2.) White Noise is an amazing tool to keep out the bustle of a busy household and sooth the babies. We bought this machine and love it.

3.) Blackout curtains are key for city living. Previously I was extremely against creating a super dark environment for sleep in case it meant that the babies wouldn’t be able to tolerate any light. This was before it became clear that there was too much outside light streaming into the nursery at night from the next door

4.) Listening to your babies cry is heartbreaking but it is such a small period of time in the grand scheme of things that if you can handle it, it really works. When they give you those big gummy grins after a good nights sleep you will really see that you have, as they say, not broken their hearts, just their habits.

5.) Utilize your partner. I knew that I was not going to be able to deal with the babies crying so my husband took the primary role in sleep training and I acted as more of a behind the scenes support system.

I am happy to report that we are doing really well almost two months after our initial training began. There have been hiccups and slight setbacks, such as illness and teething (my boy has SIX teeth at almost 8 months) but generally we are SO happy with our progress.

Please share your experience with infant sleep and sleep training in the comments!!!

Wardrobe Essentials- Bags

As the weather gets cooler, I have been thinking about my fall and winter wardrobe. I am on maternity leave so I have a limited amount of disposable income to throw around this year so I am working on creating a minimilist capsule wardrobe that I can mix and match and accessorize to keep my life simple, frugal yet still fashionable.
    This is the first of a series of posts detailing what I consider to be wardrobe essentials that       every woman should have in their cold weather closet.
Wardrobe Essentials- Bags


Cross Body Bag (Kate Spade)- The perfect bag for a quick trip. Cute and practical
Tote Bag (Zac Pozen)- The ideal work bag. Big enough to carry all your weekday stuff.
Backpack ( Rebecca Minkoff)- Packpacks are the perfect weekend bag or as an alternative to a diaper bag.
Bucket Bag (Lucky Brand)- Just such a great shape and can be dressed up or down.
Clutch (Clare Vivier)- A animal print clutch goes with everything for an evening out

Twin Essentials- 6 Months

Twin Essentials- Six Months


Ikea High Chair– With our first, we had a fancy bells and whistles high chair but for these two, we decided that the clean lines and inexpensive price tag of the Ikea version made the most sense. They are light and no frills, but easy to clean and don’t take up to much space.

ComoTomo Bottle– This bottle is easily THE most expensive bottle I have ever used and I have used many in my time! It is made of soft silicone which make it easy to hold and the nipple is nice and wide like the real thing! I love this bottle so much.

Jolly Jumper– Looks a bit old school not to mention a bit dangerous but man oh man, do my kiddos love this thing!!! Installed properly, there isn’t anything to worry about and if you don’t have a door frame to clamp it to, they come of a frame as well (I believe that is the only way they are available in the US)

guzzie and Gus double umbrella stroller (discontinued- but  McLaren Triumph Double Umbrellla is a great option)- A double umbrella stroller is a necessity for the trunk of the car when your large stroller is a bit too cumbersome. We used this on a recent road trip and it was a lifesaver!

Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Portable Rocker– The twins have outgrown their bouncer and swing but I was not ready to give up the constraints of a chair not to mention a place to safely and comfortably give them their bottles.

GroBag Sleep Sack– We are sleep training the twins at the moment and breaking them from their swaddle addiction. Our sleep consultant suggested these sleep sacks in the cozy 2.5 tog thickness.

Sprout Right Cookbook– I did a seminar with the writer of this book after Wee Man was born and I am using it again now that the twins are starting on solids. Great and easy to follow recipes to guide the confused parent!

Fall Trend Alert- Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are going to be EVERYWHERE this Fall and Winter. Other styles of jeans are not going anywhere quick (thank god because I couldn’t function without my skinnies and boyfriends) but I am so excited that flare are back… I still have a ten-year old pair of Hudson’s that I love and will be pulling out of mothballs!
Here are some newer styles that have caught my fancy!!!
Fall Trend Alert- Flared Jeans
 Here is one way to casually style flares for the fall. I cannot wait for scarf weather!!!
How to Wear- Flared Jeans

Jeans- Giambattista Valli x 7 For All Mankind//Top- Choies/Boots- Steve Madden/Backpack- Rag & Bone/Watch- Daniel Wellington/Scarf- Isabel Marant

Twin Essentials- Five Months

Twin Essentials- Five Months
Bumbleride Indie Twin- I did so much research on double strollers when I was pregnant and it took me a long time to settle on this stroller but I could not be more thrilled with it. It is a dream to push (due to its air filled tires) has a large basket as double strollers go and come in the cutest colours. 
HoMedics White Noise Machine– In our house, white noise is a nap and bed time staple. With our first babe, we had the Sleep Sheep, but this time around we decided on a machine that could run all night as to not disturb sleep cycles as well as to mask the sounds of a busy household. This one is great and really reasonable priced.
JJ Cole Diaper Clutch– A diaper clutch stashed inside the diaper bag is great for quick changes on the go. This is especially important for me with Peanut as she decides to blow her diaper every time we leave the house. Kid refuses to poo at home!
Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat– This seat is amazing for babies who want to sit up but are not big enough for the Bumbo. It also has toys attached for entertainment. This has been an amazing investment especially now that my kiddos are rejecting the bouncy chair and the swing (those are for babies, mom!)
Whoozit Infant Toy– This toy is addictive for babies. There is nothing else I can say but every kid MUST have one.
Honest Co Organic Breath Easy Rub– My babes have already had multiple colds and I have found that rubbing this on their chests and the soles of their feet has really helped and has been kind to their delicate new skin.
Honda Odyssey– We are now part of Minivan Nation. Sigh. However, the Odyssey is about the sexiest one on the market and it has proven to be a pretty sweet ride so far. Super comfy and easy to get all three kids in and out of. We are going on a pretty long road trip soon so that will be the ultimate test!