Kick Ass Local Mommy Blogger Spotlight- Katie Akman of The Red Whine Diaries

Katie is the mum of a one year old boy and she started The Red Whine Diaries to detail her experiences as a new mum with ascerbic wit and a healthy dose of wine! Her blog is not for the faint of heart. You will need your big girl panties for this one (and I love her for that)!

I asked her to answer a couple of questions and yes, she is this funny in person!!


Describe yourself in 10 words or less.

More awesome than a cigarette after sex… and somewhat delusional.

What was your motivation to start the blog?

I started my blog to maintain my sanity… As well as have an excuse to drink! I love to write and drink (not always in that order), so a blog seemed like the perfect outlet. As a mother, you literally give your ‘all’ to your children. My blog is something that’s mine, and mine only. It’s my escape from the daily insanity that has become my life.

What is your best piece of advise for other new moms regarding keeping sane in babies first year?

Don’t let the stress of trying to become a Pinterest Mom drive you to drink. There are plenty of other reasons you’ll need to drink as a new mother… In all seriousness, my advice would be to trust your maternal instincts. People will be quick to give unsolicited advice and/or judge… Just go with your gut. You, and only you, know what’s best for your baby. Rest assured, you’re doing a great job! Oh, and read my blog. It’s goal is to make moms’ laugh knowing they’re not alone in this crazy thing called ‘motherhood’. Plus, my life will make you feel better about your own. You’re welcome!

What do you hope to achieve with the blog in the long term? Do you have any plans on making it a bigger part of your life?

All I hope to achieve with my blog is to keep people laughing, and hope they spread the good cheer. And, ummm… well, a book deal would be pretty sweet too. Just sayin’…

You mentioned that you have some haters out there (a sure sign of a sucessful mommy blog). How do you deal with that?

When I started my blog, it never crossed my mind that people would take personal offense to my posts. I realize my blog is somewhat ‘raw’, but I just assumed readers would understand that it’s a comedic, satirical blog… NOT to be taken seriously. But, yes, I do receive a lot of ‘hate mail’ accusing me of being a bad wife and mother, or (my personal favourite) that I’m “stupid”. How do I handle it? Well, truthfully I can’t help but be amused by it all. So I respond in the same ‘raw’ voice that I blog in. Unfortunately, I usually don’t hear back from them.

What are your hopes for your son as he grows up?

My one and only wish for my son is that he always be true to himself. I don’t want him to ever do something simply because “everyone’s doing it” or because he thinks it’s what Mom or Dad want. We will do our very best to equip him with life’s tools to help him navigate his way, but ultimately I want him to live his life for himself. But I also suggest he choose a rather lucrative career so he’s able to pay for my retirement living… Otherwise Mama’s movin’ in!!!


Katie and her little inspiration!
Katie and her little inspiration!

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