The Pull-Ups Potty Promise and a Giveaway!!!

June is Potty Training Awareness Month and we are making the Potty Promise to ditch the diapers!!!


  I wasn’t sure that they (and I really mean “I”) was ready for this particular milestone but the twins’ teacher had been telling us that they were ready to start training. Then one day our daughter wanted to wear her cute new “unders” … and well, that was that. Once that kid has decided on something, it’s happening, regardless of mommy!

I had a really hard time potty training my oldest son and the entire experience was incredibly frustrating and anxiety ridden for all of us. I vowed that I would not let it get the best of me the second time, even with twins!

I have learned a lot from potty training three kids and here are my top five tips!

  1. Make sure your little one(s) is ready. Take the Potty Training Signs of Readiness Quiz  to make sure that now is the time to start. There is nothing worse than pushing a child into training when they are really not at all ready, emotionally or physically. However, don’t assume that just because they are young they aren’t ready. Some children are ready at 18 months!
  2. Make sure they really understand the difference between Pull-Ups®  Training Pants /Underpants and diapers. In our house,Pull-Ups® are considered to be underwear and the twins try to keep them as clean and dry as they would underwear.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t go back to diapers during the day once you have introduced underpants and/or Pull-Ups®. The twins know that diapers are only for night time these days and love to choose their own underwear and Pull-Ups® patterns. This autonomy makes them feel like big kids and they are so proud of that!
  4. Make it fun but don’t depend on bribes. Check out Potty Training Games and Tools for some cool ideas. Keeping the mood and tone of training fun is a key to success!
  5. As a parent, don’t stress the small stuff. Your kid will learn to pee in the potty. They will not be going to high school in a diaper. Don’t worry if they have an accident in the grocery store. No one is judging you. This is a small blip in the parenting journey. They will get it and you will make it through. You got this!!!


To help you make the #PottyPromise this month, Pull-Ups® and I want to give you your own Potty Partnership Starter Kit!




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*While this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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  1. My best tip is wait until they’re ready. If you try for a few days and they’re not into it, wait a while longer. It avoids frustration for everyone.


  2. I put a magazine rack in the bathroom with some children’s books to encourage them to sit for a while and read while trying to pee.

  3. Brib them! M&M minis are a great motivator for my twins! (and small enough to not feel guilty about giving to them at 7 am!).

  4. Make sure to limit fluids before bed time and ensure they empty their bladder before bedtime. Have patience and don’t rush!

  5. i am about to start potty training with my youngest. every child is different i find. what worked for my oldest might not for my youngest. no right or wrong way but with my oldest i set the potty in the living room and let her run around naked and when she made an accident (cause there is usually lots of those) i picked her up and put her own. she eventually learned to just go to it herself when she needed to go. then once she got that i transitioned her to the toilet

  6. My best tip is to introduce the potty early. With my third and fourth babies I started putting them on the toilet when they woke up each morning and from each nap when they were brand new. It takes away the part of potty training where the potty is scary and they start out knowing where the toilet is and what it’s for. My other tip is to not stress about it! I stressed way too much about it with my first daughter and she was potty trained at the same age (just shy of 3) my 2nd daughter was even though I just went with the flow with the 2nd. My 3rd daughter was using the potty on her own, no reminders, by just past 2! My 4th daughter is only 17 months but I’m confident she will train in the next 6 months!

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