True Crime Podcast Round Up- Fall 2017

True crime has always been a fascination of mine and there are several podcasts that I have become addicted to that I wanted to share. These are not the type of podcasts that are gratuitously gory. These podcasts actually want to see crimes solved, people found and status quo’s changed. Check them out!
True Crime Podcast Roundup


The Vanished– Super in-depth an sympathetic looks at one missing persons case per week .

The Trail Went Cold – Hosted by Robin Warder, this weekly podcast looks at cases that have gone cold. The host is super enthusiastic and a bit geeky (his obsession with Unsolved Mysteries and Reddit are sort of hilarious)

Already Gone– Hosted by the velvet voiced Nina Innstead, this podcast features missing persons and murder cases, often from the hosts home state of Michigan. Very well researched and thoughtful.

Someone Knows Something– A CBC podcast hosted by David Ridgen currently has two seasons available for download.  The first season investigates the disappearance of 5 year old Adrian McNaughton in Eastern Ontario in 1972. The second season  looks at the 1997 disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard two days after she got engaged on live TV. Totally absorbing.

Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?– Another CBC podcast, Missing and Murdered is a deep dive into the 1989 murder of young indigenous Alberta Williams in Prince Rupert BC. Host Connie Walker goes down the rabbit hole on this amazing piece of investigative journalism. T There is a new season featuring a new case coming soon and I cannot wait!

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