Spring Style 2019- The Return of the Strappy Sandal

When I was 20, I had this amazing yellow skirt from Club Monaco that I called my Sex and The City Skirt because it reminded me of the iconic tutu Carrie wore in the opening credits of the show. One day, I was leaving my house to go to work in my yellow skirt and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were literally WALKING by my house. And she looked at me. And I was wearing the skirt. I almost died. Instead I called everyone I knew.  (Matthew was in Toronto shooting a movie at the time).

I think my SATC skirt and strappy sandals as being SOOO early 2000’s – when I went to roof top bars to drink Cosmopolitans and pretend I was one of the girls. Fast forward almost 20 (gulp) years and thin strapped sandals  (or Floss Heels) are back with a vengeance for Spring/Summer 2019.

Here are some excellent examples of the throwback vibes the shoes are giving me. The ankle straps are taking me back to all the times I almost broke my neck leaving the bar in my twenties! 😉

The YSL Cassandra Logo Sandal

Steve Madden Amora Strappy Sandal

Prada Strappy Metallic Leather Platform Sandals

Alias Mae Aflux Tall Strappy Sandal

Charles David Trickster Strappy Sandal

SCHUTZ Nivia Sandal

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