About Me

My name is Emma Finlayson- Mum of three amazing wee ones (including twins!), Wife, Friend, Film Post Production cog, movie junkie, book lover, new DIY’er and fashionista.


Strolling The City In Heels is dedicated to the things that this working mum loves- style, fashion, beauty, kids stuff, eating, reading, watching moving pictures and so much more!

I strongly feel that a woman shouldn’t lose herself when she has children and a job. The blog intends to show a balance between all the things that the modern urban woman finds important and interesting.

If you are interested in advertising on the site, pairing up for a partnership or just want to chat, email me – strollingthecityinheels@gmail.com.

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Hi, i just came across your site. Lots of interesting products!

Just wondering if you ever came across a product/solution for treking the urban environment with a 40lb child & gear.

Something that can carry all the “stuff” yet can be popped out to accommodate a tired child when required. I have a very small umbrella stroller that I use but trying to ween a 4yr old off strollers.

I wondered if I would have enough patience to see it through. My children are now toilet training their youngest

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