The Pull-Ups Potty Promise and a Giveaway!!!

June is Potty Training Awareness Month and we are making the Potty Promise to ditch the diapers!!!


  I wasn’t sure that they (and I really mean “I”) was ready for this particular milestone but the twins’ teacher had been telling us that they were ready to start training. Then one day our daughter wanted to wear her cute new “unders” … and well, that was that. Once that kid has decided on something, it’s happening, regardless of mommy!

I had a really hard time potty training my oldest son and the entire experience was incredibly frustrating and anxiety ridden for all of us. I vowed that I would not let it get the best of me the second time, even with twins!

I have learned a lot from potty training three kids and here are my top five tips!

  1. Make sure your little one(s) is ready. Take the Potty Training Signs of Readiness Quiz  to make sure that now is the time to start. There is nothing worse than pushing a child into training when they are really not at all ready, emotionally or physically. However, don’t assume that just because they are young they aren’t ready. Some children are ready at 18 months!
  2. Make sure they really understand the difference between Pull-Ups®  Training Pants /Underpants and diapers. In our house,Pull-Ups® are considered to be underwear and the twins try to keep them as clean and dry as they would underwear.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t go back to diapers during the day once you have introduced underpants and/or Pull-Ups®. The twins know that diapers are only for night time these days and love to choose their own underwear and Pull-Ups® patterns. This autonomy makes them feel like big kids and they are so proud of that!
  4. Make it fun but don’t depend on bribes. Check out Potty Training Games and Tools for some cool ideas. Keeping the mood and tone of training fun is a key to success!
  5. As a parent, don’t stress the small stuff. Your kid will learn to pee in the potty. They will not be going to high school in a diaper. Don’t worry if they have an accident in the grocery store. No one is judging you. This is a small blip in the parenting journey. They will get it and you will make it through. You got this!!!


To help you make the #PottyPromise this month, Pull-Ups® and I want to give you your own Potty Partnership Starter Kit!




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** Giveaway runs until June 30, 2017.  Eligible for Canadian residents 18+, excluding QC**

*While this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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Summer in the City- Possibility Camp

This time of the year everyone is looking for fun and entertaining things for the kids to do during the summer break. I would like to tell you a little bit about Possibility Camp.

Possibility Camp


The mission of Possibility Camp is to bring out the potential of girls to make positive impacts on the world around them. This program empowers girls ages 8-13 to become leaders, social entrepreneurs, and change-makers. 

Through fun and experiential learning, Possibility Camp will help instill a strong foundation of skills and values to help girls to develop empathy, identify societal challenges, generate creative ideas, design prototypes, and build self-confidence in a group setting.

The Program is based STEAM thinking (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).   and among other activities, participants will  get an insider’s view at the Telus innovation centre and learn about cyber and internet safety through the internationally renowned Telus WISE program.

This Summer’s Possibility Camp will be taking place  runs Mon, 17 Jul 2017, – Fri, 21 Jul 2017, 9:00AM- 4:00 PM at Ryerson DMZ Zone Learning

I would like to offer my readers 20% off the camp with the code: Friendatstrollingthecity

Girls need to be empowered now more then ever to take pride in themselves and to see themselves with strength and self confidence!




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The Pull-Up’s Potty Partnership (Giveaway)

Huggies Pull up's Potty Partnership

I had a heck of a time potty training my eldest, Wee Man. I was so stressed out and anxious about the entire experience that it made it so much harder for both of us. While we are still a while away from potty training the twins, I am already thinking about ways to avoid the pitfalls that I experience the first go-around.

The Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership launched earlier this year with huge success and offers a whole new way to potty train. Created in partnership with renowned child psychologist and potty training expert, Dr. Heather Wittenberg, it’s tailored to work with your child’s unique personality, on their schedule and according to how they learn.

By completing a free, online quiz about your child’s habits, parents will receive customized tips and advice based on their kiddo’s Potty Personality: a Squirrel, Bear Cub, Puppy, Owl or Turtle.

Based on your childs personality, the program suggests the best way to approach this milestone in the most reassuring way possible for both parent and child.

I did the quiz based on Wee Man’s personality back then and he is a Squirrel. Once the animal is established, there are SO many awesome tips, including night training, training while traveling and transitioning to big kid underwear! I wish I had this in my back pocket three years ago and I am thrilled to be able to assess the twins personalities for potty training, as they most likely will be pretty different (those two are chalk and cheese, I tell you!)

Thanks to Pull-Ups®, I have an extra tool kit to send to a lucky reader (Canada only). The kit includes:

·         Pull-Ups® Training Pants

·         Pull-Ups® Flushable Wipes

·         Potty seat and chair 

·         Milestone chart to track and award your child’s progress

·         Potty training book

·         Plush toy to reward potty accomplishments 

·         $25 Walmart gift card to help you stock up on other potty training essentials outlined in the Potty Partnership Toolkit

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Summer Style at eShakti


Last summer, I was lucky enough to receive a dress from eShakti that I customized to my exact specifications and I was in love (check out the post here).
For this summer, the line has expanded to include shorts, pants and jumpsuits as well as collections of Contemporary, Bohemian and Retro Modern styles!
It is so much fun to play designer while creating a perfect version of the pieces to reflect your personal style!!! I also love that the sizes go up to 36 so everyone can shop this super fun collection!
Here are some of my favourite looks for this season!!!
eShakti Summer 2015
As if you need further enticement to check them out, eShakti has offered my readers a $35 gift coupon.
Use the code CITYINHEELS35
(** please note eShakti only ships to the US and Canada)
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Happy Mothers Day with Ours by Cheryl Hickey




My mum and I received early Mothers Day prezzies from my friends  over at Ours by Cheryl Hickey, including three of her new skin care products, a MaskerAide Mask (I love these), yummy Lemon Lily Tea and a Konjac facial sponge from Wash Beauty.

Television personality and mom Cheryl Hickey decided that she wanted to create skin and hair care products gentle enough to be used by even the youngest members of the family.

Her EveryBody Lotion is perfect for summer! Strong enough to keep my skin super soft and gentle enough to use on my face! Love that. I keep the pump right next to the shower!! Already addicted.

The 3 in One Hydrating Oil  has become an integral part of the twins bedtime routine- I use it as both a moisturizer and massage oil for them and they love it! It is such a nice bonding, relaxing thing to do and the lavender scent helps prepare them for sleep.

The Face and Body Exfoliator is super gentle and I love to use it as pre shaving prep- makes my legs super soft and summer ready!

Cheryl’s products contain no harsh ingredients, are alcohol and gluten free and are not tested on animals. These are products that you can trust and feel good about using on the entire family. OURS will be expanding into new products soon so keep your eyes open at Rexall pharmacies, where the line is exclusively sold!

Cheryl and my friends over at Multivitamin Media have been kind enough to offer you these three products from her line to pamper both you and your mama for Mothers Day!

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Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini GIVEAWAY!

Bouncer Mini - Light pink, Cotton (1)

 In 1961, Bjorn Jakobson designed his first product- a  bouncer- and so began the phenomenon known as Baby Bjorn.

For many people, the name Baby Bjorn is synonymous with their baby carriers but they also have continued to make amazing bouncers over the last 50 years.

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of attending the launch of their newest product, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini and speak with a representative from the head office in Stockholm about it.

This new bouncer, to be launched exclusively in Canada this June, is a smaller bouncer than the currently available Balance Bouncer Soft and comes at a lower price point (Approx. $159 CAD). This bouncer is intended for babies from birth to six months as a safe and cozy alternative to parents arms.

Like the Balance Bouncer Soft, the Bouncer Mini bounces without batteries, which helps baby to learn to sooth themselves  and develop their motor skills. It has two positions and is incredibly easy to put together (and take apart to store flat when not in use).

The bouncer comes in two lovely colours- a dove grey and a light pink and have a very sleek and modern styling, as you would expect from the Swedes!

I was lucky enough to take home two Bouncer Minis for my twins and they love them! The first time I put them in it (while I quickly eat my lunch!) they were super content and looking around. They also look super chic in my modern living room!

Another thing I think is important to mention is that the soft 100% cotton fabric is, like all the companies products, approved per Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1. This means that the textiles used do not contain any hazardous materials.

Now I want to pass on the joy to you! I have one Bouncer Mini to give away to one of my Canadian readers!

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** Image and bouncers c/o Baby Bjorn

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Runtastic Orbit Review and Giveaway

I live a busy life- a preschooler, a blog, a full-time job, home reno… it has been insane recently.  I am always on the go but I have no time to officially “exercise”.  I really like to track my fitness level on an average day and to see if I am getting any exercise and to see where I can maybe add a bit more movement into the routine… even taking those stairs a few extra times a day can make a big difference.

Runtastic Orbit

I was approached recently  to try a new fitness tracker called the Runtastic Orbit. The  Orbit is a 24/7 tracker capable of tracking your fitness, steps, exercise and sleep cycle with one tiny little device. The device syncs to your smart phone (iPhone and Android for the moment) and is waterproof up to 300 feet (yes, you can track swimming!) . Like some of the other trackers out there, it can be worn in a wristband (it comes with two- basic black and blue) or on a clip for a more invisible look (wear it with your cocktail dress!)  There are so many activities that can be tracked with the orbit, it is mind-boggling. I love that you can use it to track cycling, skiing, push ups and more!

Runtastic Orbit #2

The apps are free, very user-friendly and nice to look at. I am a big fan of this little device and I have been wearing it 24/7 since I got it! I am still crazy busy- now I can see the calories my life burns!

The complete starter package retails for $119.99 CND on and extra colours of wristbands (for you colour loving ladies) can be ordered separately for $34.99 CND

Starting in October, the Runtastic Orbit will also be available at Walmart and Canada Computers!

I am so excited to be able to give away on Runtastic Orbit to one of my lovely readers!

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** Thank you to Storia PR for introducing me to this product

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Curious Oddities Necklace GIVEAWAY!

Last year, I did a photo shoot for Fresh Collective and I was introduced to Kat of Curious Oddities. Her jewelry is eclectic, original and beautifully inspired by the Victorian era. I love the whimsy of her pieces- filigree, enamel, glass, beading. It never fails to take me back to a more elegant time!

I am so excited to be giving away this beautiful black and white cloisonné enamel brass pendant!

Curious Oddities Enamel Pendant Giveaway #1


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Thanks, good luck and spread the word!!!

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Book Review and Giveaway- Then and Always by Dani Atkins

atkins_thenandalways_pb[1]A tragedy the summer she was 18 changed Rachel’s life forever. She cut herself off from everything and sunk deep down into the grief of her memories.  Five years later, an accident knocks her unconscious and when she awakens, she is surrounded by family and friends, people she has know her entire life…. yet everything is different. Her father no longer has cancer, the boyfriend she had run away from all those years ago is apparently her fiance and a friend long dead appears to be alive and well.  As Rachel tries to reconcile the last five years as she knew it with her new reality, she tries to understand her place in the world and her relationships with the people in it.

“Then and Always” is the perfect book for lovers of the film “Sliding Doors”; a book that asks the question “what if?”  A novel in the style of Emily Giffen, this book was a fun read from start to finish. The ending left me thinking and processing for a while, and I was ultimately very satisfied by this book!

This would be the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy day or to read on the beach!!

One reader will win a copy of ” Now and Always”! Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below! (Canada Only)




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What to Wear- Winter Wedding

If you have a wedding coming up in the next month or two, you may be getting a bit stressed out (thank you Polar Vortex). I put together a cute look that is still totally weather appropriate. Add some fantastic opaque tights with a bright textured bag, mirror heels and a faux fur wrap to keep you warm until the dancing begins. I also picked this cute 20’s inspired headband -keeping the accessories simple as the colour and textures are so bold.
What do you think of this look?
What to Wear- Winter Wedding

*** Enter my Stella & Dot Giveaway BELOW (open to residents of the US and Canada)
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