Beauty Favourites- November 2017

Beauty Favourites- November 2017

Essie Good to go! Top Coat– I am forever messing up my nails when I do them at home so a quick dry top coat is a must. This one dries as fast as advertised and also has a great shine to it. I don’t know if my mani stays put any longer than usual but it looked great while it lasted.

  L’Oreal True Match Lumi Makeup– This is not a new purchase, but a rediscovery. I was looking in my makeup cabinet for a foundation that would illuminate my dry, dull skin and this is perfect. It is full coverage and needs to be blended really well but it makes my skin look aces!

Nars Powermatte Lipstick in “Starwoman”- I received this as a sample during one of my recent (and all to frequent) Sephora orders. I am OBSESSED with the colour. It goes on super smooth and has a lot of staying power. I will be investing in a full size lipstick when this runs out and I am already looking at additional colours to buy!

 L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo– My hair and scalp are super dry at this time of the year so I decided to try this shampoo after seeing it reviewed by a beauty vlogger on YouTube. It smells amazing and makes my hair soft and smooth. It requires a serious rinse after but if rinsed out well, my hair is not weighed down at all, even though it is an “oil”

 Skin Fix Hand Repair Cream– My hands are the worst. Always dry and cracking in the winter. I have used Skin Fix products on my children with great results so I grabbed this hand cream. Love it- thick but absorbs well and doesn’t leave your hands insanely greasy.








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Review- Goop Clean Beauty


Goop Clean Beauty

I have been a subscriber of goop since the beginning because I love Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean, crisp clothing style. Honestly- her uniform post from several years ago is still a go-to for me. I am still a subscriber but over the years as goop has developed as a “lifestyle” brand, I have certainly stopped being an avid reader. The problem that I have is the same as a lot of other people- the site just SMACKS of privilege; almost everything featured is insanely expensive and it seems out of touch with the lives of most women (steaming ones vagina?? Really??? That cannot be healthy)

When I was sent Goop Clean Beauty by the publisher, Hachette Book Group Canada, I was willing to attempt to look at it without any preconceived notions. It was January and who doesn’t love a good lifestyle book to start the New Year with? I was certainly curious if the book would be accessible to the 99% who aren’t Hollywood royalty….

My first impression of the book was how clean (no pun intended) and stylish the layout design was. It was like your favourite Instagrammer who uses a lot of flat-lay pictures- perfect and styled within an inch of its life. I did have to chuckle a bit that kale leaves were prominently featured on the dedication page.

While the credit for the book goes to the staff of goop, GP “curated’ the book so naturally the introduction was penned by her. In it, she extols the virtues of natural self-preservation and aging gracefully while feeling as good as possible both inside and out. So far I am on board. She addresses all the negative products in so many beauty products and stresses how bad “toxins” are for the body (this feels a bit like an ad for goop by Juice Beauty)

GP has gotten a lot of flack by members of the medical community about her detox cleanses and she clearly wants to clarify her position here by stressing that her detox focuses on clean eating (i.e eating nothing fun at all) and not juice cleanses or fasts. Thea Baumann (the resident goop chef), provides 24 recipes for clean eating, many of which look pretty yummy (I am for sure trying  the Steamed Fish with Dashi and Soba Noodles and all the chopped salads). However…. there is a recipe for hot water and lemon.. Seriously?

A list of superfoods and antioxidants are included here which is hardly new territory but its nice to have all the info in one place if you are into that sort of thing (I am sort of on the fence, personally)

Of course Tracey Anderson also shows. I am as envious as anyone of GP’s figure but Tracey’s “method” is not super feasible for me as much as I wish it were. (working out for an hour a day would be amazing if I had that sort of time)

One thing that I was very interested in was the section addressing supplements and foods that help with hair, skin and nails. I took some of the advice and started talking a Biotin and have noticed a difference with my hair, especially. The beauty section is very blunt about how skin and haircare products work and that the real permanent changes and improvements come from what you put in your body rather than what you put on it. YES! This was probably my favourite section.

The the section that focuses on hair styles and makeup is a bit silly, especially in the era of YouTube tutorials. How to do a cat eye and a ponytail? Huh?

Another section that I was really interested in was about sleep- about how much you need, how to get the most out of sleep, the importance of naps for adults (HA- vindication! I LOVE naps) and how lack of sleep can affect your body. I am working on implementing some of the suggestions in an attempt to feel more rested.

All in all, this book is a beautiful hard covered version of the goop website and while there are certainly some good recipes and references, it doesn’t exactly break new ground.

Also one more thing- Is adrenal fatigue a real thing?



** I was provided this book for review by Hatchette Book Group Canada. All opinions are solely my own.



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What I Wore- Spark Sessions Day One

This past weekend, I attended Sparksessions, the first Canadian fashion and beauty blogger conference in Toronto. I spent two days participating in panel discussions with industry experts, meeting with brands and hearing keynote speeches by Jeanne Beker, the grande dame of the Canadian fashion industry and Lainey Lui of Lainey Gossip! I met so many wonderful women who have the same passion and goals with their blogs as I do. I was exposed to so many incredible ideas and came away so inspired. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for next year! Sparksessions Day One Outfit #1 Sparksessions Day One Outfit #2

Sweatshirt- Old Navy

Skirt- Old Navy

Necklace- Made for Margaret via Runway Crush

Tights- Calvin Klein

Booties- Just Fab

Bag- Kate Spade (a fifth anniversary gift from my wonderful husband- he takes a shouted hint well!)

Sunnies- Forever 21

Ring- Birks

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Get Great Holiday Hair with a Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Gift Set GIVEAWAY!

I was introduced to OSiS+ at at holiday preview event at ASCPR back in August and I fell in love! I was gifted a couple of products (see my original post about OSiS+ here) and I am so excited to offer a gift set containing two of my favourite products (Dust It Texture and Hairspray) to one reader. Good luck and happy hair styling!!!!

Holiday Pack 2013 Version1 Session_Dustit_Bag



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Top Box Review- September 2013

This months Topbox was a special collaboration Chatelaine magazine!



Cover FX Anti- Aging Primer– This primer doubles as an anti-aging serum (love this). The texture is very smooth but I had a hard time getting it out of the tube and it seemed like there wasn’t much in there.

Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray– This product is designed to shield and protect hair by keeping hair cooler during blow drying or flat ironing. This sounds awesome as my hair is very bleached and I really work hard to keep it from getting dried out, especially going into the winter months.

Lise Watier Teint Age Control Supreme– This foundation contains concentrated Labrador Tea extract, a very strong antioxidant. The coverage is moderate and the texture is silky smooth. Gotta love that the line is Canadian!

Bourjois Paris Mini Volume Glamour Max Mascara– This was a Chatelaine pick! This mascara boasts 10x the volume and contains black pearl extract. The brush is thick and lush and it really does add volume and lengthen a lot. Also, there was no clumping. Love it!

And bonus sample of Katy Perry’s new sent Killer Queen. This scent contains notes of Dark Plum, Bergamot, Red Velvet Flower and Patchouli among others.

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Review- The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

imgresThe Honest Life, based on her quest to live a more natural, non toxic lifestyle, I was pretty sceptical. I had just been reading about Ms. Paltrow’s annoying new cookbook and I wanted to throw her holier than thou ass out the window. Celebrity “experts” can be incredibly irritating. However, I am familiar with Ms. Albas e-commerce website The Honest Company and have been impressed with their products and the good reviews they have received (not currently shipping to Canada unfortunately) so I decided to check the book out. Totally glad that I did!

This book is basically a crash course in things that are bad for you. Sounds pretty dire and I admit that I was a bit overwhelmed at first… as in, OMG I am feeding WHAT to my family??? The book presents the reader with an easy to understand overview of how to cut unhealthy things (in the form of toxins, chemicals etc) out of your food, home, makeup, toys etc. Ms. Alba’s goal is to present a healthy lifestyle in an “un-boring” (not beige) way and she jazzes the subject matter up with a fun layout and fantastic photographs.

She presents herself as the “anti Paltrow”- a mum who wants to do what is best for herself and her family but is admittedly not perfect. She attempts to speak to the every women while forthrightly acknowledging that she has a charmed life. She sees it as a privilege that she was able to create a line of products that she felt she could trust for use in her own home and she does plug the line quite a lot, but it only come off as mildly irritating (she give lots of other alternatives as well, which makes the book seem a lot less like an infomercial).

The book truly is a complete “lifestyle” overview – in addition to the sections about food and the home, there are sections about fashion, pregnancy style, beauty products (it’s pretty gross what is in some makeup) and even a section about decorating with recycled products (she claims that every seat in her house is from Craigslist; I seriously doubt this).

For me, the most interesting and informative section was about food. It has really gotten me thinking about the food that I eat and what I feel my son. I also found the section about baby care products interesting/horrifying and I am much more conscious about what I put next to my wee mans delicate skin now. The section about kids also includes some great tips about traveling with children and some good tips about getting your children on a sleep routine.

In the epilogue, she has included some easy reference charts as well as some great healthy recipes and even some DIY beauty products!

All in all, if you are interested in living a life with fewer additives, this book is a good jumping off point. I assure you that you will be further educating yourself on Google after you read this book.



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Pixie Girls! My hair inspirations

imgres-1 imgres-3

imgres-4 imgres-2


These ladies were the inspiration for my pretty dramatic hair transformation a couple of months back. I decided that I needed a change- it is pretty easy to get stuck in a rut when you are at home with a toddler. I had recently started this blog and I started to really step out of my comfort zone, style wise. Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams were rocking some cool hair all over Pinterest and I got a bit hooked on searching out short cuts! On random day in December, I was taking my son for a hair cut and on a whim, asked my stylist to chop my hair. Total shocked my husband and the next week I went back and my AMAZING colourist Anna bleached my hair platinum. It pains me to include “I’m just being Miley” in this group, but her colour in this picture is perfection and exactly what I wanted!

It takes a lot of courage to chop off your hair- there is nothing left to hide behind and every flaw on your face feels magnified! It took me about two months to feel comfortable with the nakedness that I felt!!!

I am proud of my choice and I think I will be rocking my look for a while!!!

What is your bravest beauty choice?



** I do not own the rights to any of these photos**



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