Favourite Things- March 2017

Favorite Things- March 2017


My (not so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella– I have read every book she has written since the hight of the chick flick era of the early aughts! The perfect funny, frothy, romantic light read. Perfect for the beach or the cottage!
Josie Maran Argan Oil– I am obsessed with this oil for my face since I got a sample with a Sephora order recently. Smells nice and super hydrating but not heavy for the Spring.
BioSteel High Performance Sports Mix– Never being able to bring myself to drink quite enough water, I picked up some Bio Steel mix to help me hydrate. It tastes like bubble gum and is bright pink and I can DOWN it in about two seconds. Totally makes it easier to drink all the fluids I need for the day!
Asos Sunnies– I got these on super sale and I love the clear plastic frames and the gold and black accents. The shape is amazing and so different then any other pair I own!
Baby Foot– A friend told me that I HAD to try this before sandal season. You basically put bags full of a citric acid solution on your feet and leave them on for two hours then soak you feet every night for a week and watch the hard skin just peel away.  It is gross and amazing and your feet really are so much softer after. My advice is do this well BEFORE you want to rock open toe shoes…. peeling feet are not sexy.
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Spring Style -Step Hem Denim

Jeans with raw step hems are all over the place this year!  I love it when jeans have a little bit of something different to keep them feeling fresh.
Here are some really cute options!
Step Hem Denim


 It has been super cold and grey in Toronto the last week or so and I am really craving some warm spring weather. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole researching these jeans and created my dream casual Spring look featuring the Rag & Bone step hem jeans.
Spring Style- Weekend Step Hem Denim


Jeans- Rag & Bone
Sweatshirt- Skinny Sweats
Shoes- Adidas
Sunglasses- Quay
Earrings- Jenny Bird

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Spring Style- The Structured Ruffle

The Ruffle is  having a major style moment right now and my favorite take on this look is the more structured version- crisp, clean and sharp. Here are a few pieces I am loving!
The Structured Ruffle

White Blouse- Alice + Olivia/Pinstripe Blouse- Vici Collection/Pink Top- Stella McCartney/Grey Dress- New Look/ Yellow Dress- ASOS/Striped Top- J. Crew/Red Dress- Valentin0

What do you think of ruffles for spring? Cute or too cutesy?
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Favourite Things- February 2017

February 2017 Favourites


Santa Clarita Diet– Sheila and Joel are just your average California real estate agents until Sheila begins to crave the taste of raw meat…. turns out she’s a zombie. Part horror, part frothy family comedy, this show is super fun if you can stomach A LOT of gore. This Netflix show is the perfect binge- ten episodes at half an hour each means that you can easily kill this one (pun intended) in two nights!

Sephora Makeup Brushes– While purging my way though all the stuff in my bathroom cabinets, I realized that I was using makeup brushes that were at least 5 years old and many were much older than that. I decided to purchase a totally new set from Sephora, which are infused with charcoal powder, which has antimicrobial properties.

Sephora Contour Palette– Another thing that I noticed was that I didn’t have a proper all-in-one contour/highlight palette. This one from Sephora is awesome. The pigments are rich enough for my fair skin and  are super blendable.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer– Oh dark circles, how loathe thee. I am constantly trying out different products to cover up my under eye shadows. I recently saw this product recommended on a vlog so I picked it up and I love it. Good coverage, easy to apply and blend and doesn’t go dry and cake-y as the days goes on.
Icone Kimono CardiganSimons has become a fave online shopping destination over the last year or so (Canadian company means better shipping rates and NO DUTY) for good quality, inexpensive basics. I LOVE this cardigan so much. The shape is super chic and totally different than any other sweater I own.
Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill  by Sonia Purnell– Winston Churchill is a towering figure in 20th Century history as the Prime Minister of England during the last years of World War Two. His wife Clementine, his lifelong companion and staunchest supporter, is ofter overlooked or misrepresented in biographies of him. Here, Purnell writes about how “Clemmy” shaped the life of her larger-than-life husband.
Ikea Tea Lights– In my quest to fully embrace Hygge this winter, I am burning a ton of candles. Ikea tea lights burn clean and are super inexpensive.
Dr. Jart Water-Sure Gel– I have used Dr. Jart BB creams in the past and loved them but until I received a sample, I had never tried the creams. This gel based moisturizer is amazing and while pricey, a little goes a long way. Perfect over your favourite serum.
What was your favorite product or thing that you discovered in February?
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Product Review- Svelte Shapewear

Svelte Shapewear


Mom-preneaur Liliana Tureck wanted to create clothing  that reflected how a  woman’s body changes after children and as she ages. She also wanted comfortable and flattering yet supportive shapeware that didn’t feel like bondage so she created Svelte Shapewear– Svelte products are the result of fabric, fit and style working together”.  Designed in Montreal, Svelte items are made with built-in four way stretch Spandex which makes for the most comfortable non-restrictive shape wear I have ever tried. 

Since having the twins, my abs haven’t been…well… really abs any more. I can’t seem to get rid of that skin/fat pooch (If you have had kids and especially if you have had a c-section you get it) and I am super self-consious about it. When given the chance to choose a piece from the Svelte website to review, I headed right for the jeans. I had been looking for a new pair of skinnies because jeans are my uniform in my casual office environment. When they arrived, I knew that I had chosen wisely- these jeans are wonderful.  They are SO insanely comfortable and soft; they feel like sweatpants but the spandex panel comes up nice and high and keeps me feeling smooth and tucked in without being too constricted.

The first time I wore them, I was so excited that I kept pulling up my top to show the panel for all my female friends and colleagues and they were so impressed with the style and the slimming power.  The back has perfectly placed pockets and the length is perfect for me (may run a bit long for shorter girls) and they have small slits at the ankle that help elongate the look of the leg.

My only  initial concern was a dye smell that really permeated the pants until after a couple of washes but that is a small  thing for such comfortable and flattering pants! I am totally coveting several other pieces from their collection, especially the Leather Spike leggings and the Pencil Skirt.

Svelte Shapewear is available online and ships for free on orders over $55 in Canada with 30 day free returns  (they ship internationally as well) and are also available at stores across the country (which are listed on their website) Right now, if you order online, you get 20% off your first purchase!  DO it! You can thank me later 😉




** This product was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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Favourite Things – January 2017

These are a few of my (January) favourite things!!!!
Favorites- January 2017


I See You by Clare Mackintosh– The perfect creepy read for a dreary January evening. Zoe sees a picture of herself in the classified section of the newspaper. Then she sees another woman’s picture… and that woman ends up dead….
Caspar Mattress– Our old mattress, while high end, was ten years old and both of us were waking up tired and sore every morning. We decided to try out the Caspar mattress and so fare we are super happy we did. Feeling less sore and tired every day! Also, many podcasts these days are sponsored by Caspar so there are lots of $50 discount codes out there.
MimiTENS “Mama” Hat– A lovely mum friend of mine gave me and another friend these hats for Christmas. I love that they say “mama” but they look totally badass. Mums can be cool too! #doesitcomeinblack
Mackage Card Case– I used to carry around a massive wallet that became a dumping ground for tons of crap. In my quest to streamline what I was carrying around in my bag, I asked my husband for a small card case style wallet and he chose this one (does he have great taste or what?)
MishMash Notebook– I saw a notebook by this Portugal based company in a vlogger’s video on Youtube. I checked out their site right away and fell in love with the stitched spines and unique paper quality. It wasn’t cheap (22 euros) but I love it so much. Blog planning and grocery lists were never so chic!
Michael Kors Boots– I saw a girl on the subway wearing these boots and they were exactly what I was looking for- cute toe, low heel, suede… I took a mental snapshot (I thought I would look like a creep taking a photo of someones feet on the TTC) and searched for them as soon as I could. The husband got them for me for Christmas. They as cute and comfortable as I had hoped!
Murad Advances Active Radiance Serum – Murad products are amazing but so expensive so they are a splurge for me. My mum gave this to me for Christmas and it really does make my skin glow and helps it retain so much more moisture.
Anthenay Mini Brass Bag– Another Christmas gift from the husband (I was totally spoiled this year). I was so surprised because I took a photo of the bag ages earlier at Zane (one of my favourite stores) and sent it to him… and then promptly forgot about it. Anthenay bags are locally made by hand in Toronto of really lovely structured leather. They are total works of art.
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I tried microbladding.

Getting out of the house looking decent in the morning can be challenging when you have a gaggle of kids hanging off your leg, even with a helpful spouse like I have. Spending too much time getting ready while the kids are tearing up the joint downstairs while my husband does his level best to wrangle is super stressful for me.

A few months ago, my friend Kat got her brows micro bladed  and I was CAPTIVATED. Her new and improved brows framed her face, were the perfect shape and semi- permanent! No pencils or powder required!

One night Kat and I were out for drinks with another friend Tina and Kat told us about a friend of a friend who was training to microblade and was looking for models to use.  Tina literally texted her the next day and I followed suit. I also convinced my sister-in-law to do it too!

We were both super nervous about the pain and permanence of the procedure ahead of time. As I do, I spent a lot of time researching microbladding and I started to get excited about the prospect!

My SIL and I arrives at Sonia Marques home studio on a fall afternoon totally unsure about the entire process. SIL went first (I was chicken). Sonia consulted with her about the shape that she wanted and mapped her brows with grease pencil (looked nuts) and then applied the numbing gel. After about 20 minutes, Sonia began applying the dye via a teeny tiny blade. Yes- basically a super sharp scalpel. The first couple of cuts hurt quite a bit but not as much as I was anticipating ( I guess after two pregnancies and two c-sections, my pain threshold has increased). Sonia re-applied the numbing gel several times over the course of the work, so it hurt less and less.

When we left her studio, SIL and I were laughing at our bonkers dark brows! You are not allowed to wash your face for 24 hours so there is a lot of dye still on there and then as the brows scab and oxidize, they get SUPER dark. Here is a picture of me the day after.


I felt super self-conscious about how dark they were but look at that SHAPE!! So boss!

By day five I was really feeling my brows, although they were still quite dark.


I have to say that while getting my brows microbladded was a totally vanity based decision, I am so glad that I did it. I feel put together with even the smallest amount of makeup on and I think they give my face angles that it didn’t have before (I am a total moon pie face girl).


I have not regretted my decision to micro blade once in the last three months. I even looked forward to my one month touch up because I wanted them even MORE defined in some places.

If you are interested in microbladding and have waited on pulling the trigger DO IT!

If you are in the Toronto area, contact Sonia Marques! She will hook you up.


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Holiday 2016- Velvet

We all know that ’90’s fashion is back in a big way and while I am not into much of the reboot (massive bellbottoms leave me cold) I am LOVING the resurgence of velvet as a wardrobe staple for the holidays! These are some of my fav pieces… seriously DROOLING over these boots!
Velvet for the Holidays


Jimmy Choo Boots (Currently on SALE)/ Anna Sui Dress/ River Island Jumpsuit/ Santoni Pumps/ River Island Dress (Sold Out- similar here/ Boohoo Bag (similar)
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Holiday 2016- Pretty in Pearl

Pearls are so elegant and elegance is the name of the game this time of the year. Pearl accessories elevate a simple LBD or even jeans and a teeshirt into something incandescent!
Here are some great pieces that I am coveting this December!
Holiday 2016- Pretty in Pearl


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