Toddler iPad Apps

Ian is in the throes of “The Terrible Twos” and sometimes the only thing that keeps him calm and quiet in public is the iPad or iPhone. I am not super proud of this (although I see other parents doing it all the time) so I try to make sure that most of the apps he plays with are educational…. although sometimes he just wants to watch Bob the Builder on Netflix. Sigh.

Here are some of the Apps that I like a lot and many of them are free!

Toddler Counting ($1)
Buds Loves this one and it seems to be helping with his numbers and counting.

I hear Ewe (Free)
An animal sound and picture app. Sort of cheesy but Ian likes it.

Toca Kitchen Monsters (Free)
This is a super weird app- the object is to “cook” and “feed” a monster. My little guy ADORES this although he is a bit young to actually use it properly.

Bubbles ($1)
I think that my husband and I like this more then Buds does.
You make and pop bubbles. That is all. It is addictive.

Phone 4 Kids (Free)
This is basically a phone within the iPad. There is a “call” feature, SMS, a compass and more.

MusicOBaby ($1)
This is an instrument app. We all love this one.

Shapes (Free)
Putting shapes in virtual holes. Ian is just getting it.

Peekeboo Barn and Peekaboo Fridge ($1.99 each)
Ian loves animals and food and he is pretty obsessed with them both.

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Attempting some Holiday DIY’s from Pinterest

I love the holidays and this year I actually have some time for a few DIY’s.
These two ideas are from Pinterest (original pins located for your viewing pleasure on my Christmas board)

“Snow” Candles

Here are my very simple supplies
Here is the finished product on our dining room window ledge

I used Mason Jars I already had (not all the same size as was used by the original pin),
Epsom Salts (available basically anywhere) and Dollerama candles. This cost me approx. $3

Ornament Ball

Chrismas Ornament Ball

Everything I used here was from Dollerama. The string I used to hang the balls was actually part of the ornament’s packaging!
(In hindsight, I should have used higher quality ornaments as they keep falling apart and I have to glue them back together. Don’t be as cheap as me if you try this at home.)

Watch out for more crafty holiday posts soon!

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Baby Led Weaning (linked post)

I did not really get into baby-led weaning, but my friend Justine is working on it with her 8 month old daughter and she is SUCH a great little eater (as well as a world class cutie)

Check out her blog entry here for her thoughts on the subject

This is a great for people who are hesitant to do “hardcore” BLW.

Enjoy her blog. I think that it is pretty great!

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Photos from dinner at Grand Electric

I was first in line at Grand Electric on Wednesday night! I felt like a huge nerd waiting half an hour to get in but it was totally worth it.
If you live in Toronto, you have no doubt heard about this place, so instead of talking about it, here are some pictures of our meal.

The Fish Tacos

Chicken, Pork, Beef Cheek and Scrapple Tacos
Octopus Special (SOOO GOOD!!!)

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What I Wore- Black, Blue and Gold (and Some birds)

Last night I attended a dinner for women in the film industry and this is what I wore

I PROMISE I will take better photos in future

Top: Luluemon 105 F Singlet in black
Sweater: Target
Skirt: Victoria’s Secret black mini
Tights: Spanx
Boots: Stuart Weitzman (Somewhat similar)
Purse: Vlieger & Vandam
Earrings: Foxy Gold Buttons (old)
Necklace: Top Shop (Many years old)
Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave

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Christmas activities with the little ones!

I just picked up the November edition of the Little Paper this week and it has an almost overwhelming list of Pre- Christmas activities for the whole family.
Check out the Little Paper website here for a full list but here is one that my family will certainly be visiting.

Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery ( November 30th to December 16th)

I went to this market last year with some work friends and vowed to return this year with the family. It is, in a word, magical. It has the feeling of the Christmas markets that can be found all over Europe at this time of year and it really got me in the spirit of the season. There are vendors selling wonderful Christmas crafts and a wide array of food stalls of every description. There is also Santa’s Lane for the kids, which I didn’t visit last year but looked incredible.

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Momofuko Noodle Bar- Review

Last week, I went out for a girls dinner at Momofuko noodle bar at the new Shangri-LA hotel in Toronto. We went there in hopes of having a “glam” night out as my ladies have small babies and don’t get out much.
The restaurant is very spare- high ceilings, long blond wood communal tables. We were seated right away and we had great seats and sipped fantastic sake slushies as we looked at the menu. The servers were a bit blase and didn’t really explain anything about the menu (our kimchi appetizer arrived in a mason jar and we weren’t sure if it was indeed the app or a garnish… had to ask and seem a bit daft).
The food was just okay- the noodle bowls were fine, as was the buns. The only thing that I really loved was the Kimchi app.
Also, the restaurant was fairly quiet, not the “scene” we had been expecting, but in hindsight it was the perfect venue for a girly catch-up dinner.

The nicest thing of the evening was that the wine that we ordered had been donated by Fielding Estates and 100% of the sale price went to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. I think that was pretty classy.

Before we left, we checked out the bar and it looked pretty awesome. I will certainly go back to the bar, but I am on the fence about going back to the noodle bar.

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My first “What I wore” Post….. maybe my last

This past Wednesday was our 4th wedding anniversary and we went out to Daniel Boulud’s new Toronto restuarant, Cafe Boulud, at the new Four Seasons hotel.

I wanted to wear something nice enough for the restaurant but casual enough to go out to a bar after (where we played Pac Man and Pinball!) Plus, I really wanted the star of the show to be my new Kate Spade clutch (a gift from Himself)

Sorry the picture is so crummy!

Jeans: Denizen by Levi’s for Target
Top: J.C Fits sweatshirt from Mendochino (psudo knockoff of this top)
Necklace: Black and Gold Statement Necklace (Similar Here)
Shoes: Nine West (old) peep toe booties (Similar Here)
Bag: Kate Spade Pardon My French Clutch

Please let me know if this is interesting or lame!!!

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